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Priorities and Pretexts

The left is pushing hard to close any freedom loopholes they can find.  The target this time is assault weapons.  Assault weapons are a menace and must be banned, they say.
Pretext - “a reason given in justification of a course of action that is not the real reason.”
From the FBI’s 2011 crime data:

Rifles (all varieties) [...]

Unsurprising Fact of the Day

80% of longterm poverty occurs in single parent households.
Jennifer Marshall of the Heritage Foundation

Speaking of Epistemic Closure

Following up on my previous note about the alleged epistemic closure on the right, I have a simple observation to make.  The left is currently angry at Obama.  They think he either lied to them or has been co-opted by Washington.  The reasons for their heartburn include:

Allowing a two year extension of the Bush tax [...]

Benefits of Marriage

Here’s a great piece on the benefits of marriage even compared to unmarried, cohabiting couples:

higher incomes
higher net worth
greater health

There’s an interesting point that I hadn’t considered before.
Marriage knits the couple into a kinship network in which interest-free loans, babysitting, elder care, and other forms of assistance in hard times are more readily available.
Even in a [...]

Politically Correct Olympic Toilets

The planners of the London Olympic games are taking measures to ensure that users of toilets in the Olympic park aren’t oriented towards Mecca while using the facilities.  While they’re at it they should get specially designed toilets with a map of Europe in the bottom for users to aim at.  That seems appropriate.

NYT 1999 vs NYT 2008

Back in 1999 the New York Times actually predicted the current financial mess.  They correctly identified at the time a big problem waiting to happen (lowered standards for mortgages courtesy of the Clinton administration and Fannie Mae).  The NYT 2008, of course, blames deregulation and the Bush administration.
From 1999:
Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of [...]

New Platform

We have moved to a new, more robust platform (WordPress).  Our apologies if it caused any disruption.

Whose side are they on?

I realize that people of a left leaning persuasion often take great offense when their patriotism is questioned but a recent story provides yet another example of how they practically invite such questions.   

Legislation meant to strengthen U.S. anti-propaganda laws recently passed the house and included a prohibition on "any form of communication in [...]

Welcome to the American Manifesto

Welcome to the American Manifesto website.  We will be commenting on many topics here: politics, economics, the constitution, liberty and much more.  Our goal is to promote the idea that America was, and is, a unique and exceptional nation that needs to stay true to its roots rather than fall prey to the siren song of big government and [...]