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The Connecticut Shooting Sarcasm

A few random pieces of sarcasm in response to calls for gun control after yesterday’s murder spree:

Thank goodness no one at the school had a gun.  They might have hurt someone with it.
We wouldn’t want anyone there with a gun when the shooting starts.  It’s better to wait for the police to bring their guns.
The [...]

The Connecticut Shooting

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut kindergarten hit awfully close to home. Mrs. Manifesto and I are beginning to look at kindergartens for Little Girl Manifesto. Plus we have friends in Connecticut, having gone to school in New York.
Already the predictable and vague calls for more gun control are beginning. Funny [...]

The Brady Assault on Reality

Sebastian recently pointed us to a new document from the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) about Assault Weapons.  I decided to take a look at it and quickly realized just how full of holes it was.  In just the first few pages, I documented the following.
Page 1
These guns unleash extraordinary firepower. When San Jose, [...]