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The Brady Assault on Reality

Sebastian recently pointed us to a new document from the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) about Assault Weapons.  I decided to take a look at it and quickly realized just how full of holes it was.  In just the first few pages, I documented the following.
Page 1
These guns unleash extraordinary firepower. When San Jose, [...]

Anti-Civil Rights Group Loses, Declares Victory

The Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) weird way of twisting things.  Dick Heller (of victorious Heller case fame) was finally successful in legally registering his gun with the Washington, D.C. government.  The organization formerly known as Handgun Control, Inc., of course, opposed the Heller decision and would have preferred that he not have been [...]

The Antis Sometimes Tip Their Hand

Speaking of the real intentions of the anti-civil rights groups, Sebastian makes an interesting point on the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) tipping its hand.

Gun Violence Prevention Movement?

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) recently referred to his group as being part of the "gun violence prevention movement".  What a laughable assertion.

Their focus is and always has been on gun control not violence prevention.  If they were really interested in preventing gun violence then they would focus on [...]

You’re Not a Criminal…Yet

Daniel Vice, an attorney for the Brady Campaign, recently had this to say about gun owners: "getting a concealed weapons permit just means you haven't committed a crime, yet."

Yeah, Dan, I guess a lawyer is just someone that hasn't been disbarred yet.

The Brady Campaign’s Surprise Admission

Here is a link to a  video of Wayne La Pierre (of the NRA) and Paul Helmke (of the Brady Campaign) on Hardball with Chris Matthews.  This would best be described as a resounding win for Wayne.  Hat tip to Ahab by way of Sebastian.

There is something rather substantial in the debate that I think [...]