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Push for Democracy in Cuba? Not this President

Apparently, the U.S. interest section in Havana installed a news ticker on the outside of the building a few years ago.  It would display pro-democracy news, inspirational items and (no doubt) irritate the Marxists.  Well, apparently Obama feels that quoting the likes of Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and Lech Walesa is just too pushy.  [...]

Words to Fear

Alexander Aleinikoff, Dean of Georgetown School of Law:
Development and strengthening of other political institutions – regional, transnational, some global…exercising what will be perceived as legitimate legal and coercive authority…That is, a decline in citizenship in the nation-state is likely to be accompanied by new kinds of citizenships associated with ‘polities’ that tax and spend, organize [...]

Thwarting the Will of the People

The Philadelphia Inquirer complained today about how the electoral college allowed Pres. Bush to get elected without winning the majority of the popular vote.  “Against our will” was the phrase the editorial used.
Is this a new found respect for the will of the people?  Does this mean the Inquirer will be objecting when the courts [...]

A Birthday and a Legend Celebrated

Nelson Mandela turned 90 yesterday.  While it is true he flirted a bit too much with marxism it was, perhaps, inevitable given the circumstances.  Despite that there is no doubt he has to be considered one of the great democrats (little "d") of the 20th century. 

From his speech at the end of his trial for [...]