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Corporatism at Work

Alex Tabarrok, in discussing business cycles, made an interesting observation.  He wrote:
In the United States, for example, sales of the top 100 firms account for about 30% of GDP.  (The share is even larger in most other developed economies.)
What caught my eye was that the 100 largest corporations represent a higher percent of the economy [...]

The Virtues of Being Less Wrong

As readers of this blog may be aware, I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat.  When push comes to shove, however, I am more likely to hold my nose and vote GOP because they are generally less wrong (not exactly a ringing endorsement to be sure).  But it’s safe to say I’m no GOP [...]

A Sorry State of Affairs

Things are going to get worse for the U.S. economy in the long run unless our great thinkers in Washington get the message that we already have uncompetitive corporate tax rates and their schemes are only going to exacerbate the problem.  You know things are ugly when corporations are moving from the U.S. to Canada [...]

Could We Stimulate Congress’s IQ?

The stimulus bill is taking a justifiable beating in the polls.  It has become a pork-laden parody of leftwing social engineering.  The economic theory it relies on is, of course, nonsense.  The Wall Street Journal summed up the fallacy perfectly:
The person who is taxed…[to pay for each dollar of the stimulus] will have $1 less [...]

Outdated Krugman

While writing ostensibly about Germany’s economic problems, Paul Krugman makes what is clearly intended as a dig at American conservative politicians.
conservative politicians, clinging to an out-of-date ideology — and, perhaps, betting (wrongly) that their constituents are relatively well positioned to ride out the storm — are standing in the way of action
“Clinging to an out-of-date [...]

$10 per Gallon Gas and Shortages? Nope.

An oil industry analyst (at Goldman Sachs, if I remember correctly) recently argued that within the next 10 years we could see $10 gasoline and shortages at the pump.  I am not convinced to say the least.  What I would say is this: the two are mutually exclusive.

Is it possible that we could see $10 [...]