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Virtual Marriage

A gay Texas couple recently held an e-wedding using Washington, D.C. law.  Now who ever would have seen that coming?

Virtual Marriage

One of the points defenders of traditional marriage make is that marriage is, first and foremost, about creating and raising children.  It’s not, despite what many proponents of gay marriage contend, about an expression of love.  You don’t need marriage for that.  While obviously you don’t need marriage to create or raise children, your chances [...]

Leftwing Letters Pt 1

There was a letterin today’s Inqy that was sadly indicative of the current intellectual malaise on the left.  The author said that in inviting Warren to give the invocation, Obama gives
“an endorsement of his [Warren's] views and gives Warren’s antigay attitudes credence.”
The fact that Rick Warren is controversial is itself an example of the problems [...]

The Leftwing Hate Continues

Since the passage of Proposition 8 in California, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, there has been an outpouring of leftwing hate.  One of the primary targets has been the Mormon church.  A few examples:

A copy of the Book of Mormon was set on fire and left at a [...]