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The Connecticut Shooting Sarcasm

A few random pieces of sarcasm in response to calls for gun control after yesterday’s murder spree:

Thank goodness no one at the school had a gun.  They might have hurt someone with it.
We wouldn’t want anyone there with a gun when the shooting starts.  It’s better to wait for the police to bring their guns.
The [...]

The Connecticut Shooting

Yesterday’s mass shooting at a Connecticut kindergarten hit awfully close to home. Mrs. Manifesto and I are beginning to look at kindergartens for Little Girl Manifesto. Plus we have friends in Connecticut, having gone to school in New York.
Already the predictable and vague calls for more gun control are beginning. Funny [...]

Letter to the Editor

The following was a letter submitted to the Inquirer in response to this letter.
A recent letter challenged anyone who has studied history to identify even one founder who would have agreed with Justice Scalia on guns.  I’ve studied our history and here are just a few.
James Mason: “to disarm the people is the best and [...]

Happy Heller Day

One year ago the Supreme Court confirmed what should have been obvious: the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right that actually means something.  We still have a long way to go in rolling back the many unconstitutional restrictions on our gun rights and Heller will be an important piece of that.  [...]

La Pierre vs Rendell

Wayne LaPierre and Ed Rendell locked horns this weekend over reinstating the assault weapons ban.  Rendell is a good debater but this one was no contest - LaPierre won easily.  The facts are not with Fast Eddie on this one.
One thing that stuck out was the issue of “high capacity” magazines.  LaPierre pointed out that [...]

Data on Mass Shootings

Here’s a great overview from Dave Hardy of key data that’s been assembled on post-Columbine mass shootings.

incidents last about 8 minutes
the murderer deliberately targets and ambushes defenseless victims
the murderer has no interest in hostages or negotiations
the murderer “typically fold[s] quickly upon armed confrontation”

All of these underscore the fact that people who are armed and able to defend [...]

Another Failed Restraining Order

We often here anti-gun activists argue that should depend on the police to keep us safe.  They also say if we have a specific security concern we should get a restraining order. 
So how, then, do they respond to incidents like this?  A woman was murdered by her estranged husband despite the fact that she had [...]

A Pro Gun Comedian

And he is damn funny too.  Hat tip to Breda.

UPDATE: Check out his other videos on You Tube.  He is unbelievably funny.

Howard Nemerov’s Brillant Observation

Howard Nemerov recently made devastating use of the UN’s own gun data against the UN’s antigun arguments.  He broke countries into quartiles based on firearms ownership per capita.  He then compared per capita firearms ownership to their homicide rate. 
The results are best demonstrated in a table and it wouldn’t be right for me to lift [...]

Another Philly Cop Murdered

Yet another Philly cop was shot and killed on Friday night.  We’ll soon be treated to more calls for gun control by people who want more government control of pretty much everything.  They’ll try to argue that if we just restrict the rights of legal owners, then fewer guns will flow through the black market [...]

Debating Antis

There has been a fair amount of discussion in the blogosphere about debating anti-gunners lately. Newbie Shooter has chimed in with some suggestions to make it a little more fair for the antis (a noble gesture). No doubt they will ignore him since their position isn’t based on rational analysis but emotion and power.
I actually [...]

Support Gun Rights Because of Solar Storms?

Seems like an odd idea, doesn’t it?  Yet, I couldn’t help but draw that conclusion after reading this article.  Basically the National Academy of the Sciences released a study that says a strong solar storm would inflict significant, if not catastrophic, damage on our power grid and communications systems.  It wasn’t entirely clear from the [...]

Think First, Then Write

I sent this to the Inquirer in response to this editorial.  It doesn’t seem like they are going to publish it, so…
The recent editorial (1/6/2009) supporting New Jersey’s push to enact one gun per month legislation complained that State Senator Stephen Sweeney “seems to be quoting from the NRA’s bullet points”. 
That is a rather amusing [...]

Homicides Down in Philadelphia

When Michael Nutter hired a new police commissioner he promised a new approach to fighting the city’s high murder rate.  Well, the homicide rate was down by 15% in 2008 (without new gun control laws I would add).  It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your anti-crime plan doesn’t consist of whining about how you [...]

Letter to the Editor

I had a letter to the editor published in today’s Inquirer.  I responded to a letter arguing fallaciously that second amendment rights are limited to militia service.  Here’s my letter:
A letter yesterday, “Guns and militias,” claimed Second Amendment rights are limited to militia service. The author would benefit from reading the majority opinion of the [...]

Other Things for NJ to Ban

After thinking about the Inquirer’s desire to ban .50 cal rifles in NJ because it is a “densely populated and industry-rich state” and might be vulnerable to terrorists or accidents, I have a few suggestions for other things that could be banned as well.

Vehicles above larger than a minivan because they could be packed with [...]

Inquirer Opposes Freedom - Again

The Philadelphia Inquirer continued its assault on freedom today.  It (unsurprisingly) editorialized in favor of NJ’s proposed ban on .50 Cal rifles.
They repeatedly mention the possibility of terrorism as a rationale for banning them.  So, the same editorial board that criticized the Bush administration for fear mongering about terrorism is now fear mongering about terrorism.  [...]

Burress and the Constitution

Dave Kopel, writing in the Wall Street Journal about the Plaxico Burress mess, makes an excellent case for NYC’s laws being unconstitutional.
New York Giants star receiver Plaxico Burress is facing a mandatory 3 1/2 years in prison and the end of his football career. His crime? Not having a license, which New York City never [...]

Our Lessons From Mumbai

The Wall Street Journal publishedtoday a detailed and harrowing account of the recent attacks in Mumbai.  It is fascinating, frightening and moving.
What jumped out at me is that if private citizens had guns the magnitude of the attack could have been greatly reduced.  The terrorists seem to have worked in two man teams rather than larger [...]

May This Not Be Our Lament

I only wish I had a gun rather than a camera.
The words of a photographer who witnessed some of the carnage in Mumabai, where terrorists murdered 174 people.  His government ensured he only had a camera.  
This is a good time to remember that there are a lot of people here who want us to only [...]