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Self-defense Shooting in DE

Delaware is not a particularly gun friendly state, though much better than neighboring NJ, but a law abiding gun owner did manage to defend himself.  This is the second case recently where not only did a gun owner defend himself but he did so while carrying concealed.  In both cases being able to carry concealed was [...]

Letter to the Editor

I sent the following letter in response to this commentary in the Inquirer.
To the editor,
Chris Satullo’s piece attempting to pass off Bryan Miller of Ceasefire New Jersey as a moderate was off base.  Miller claims that “all we’re about is preventing gun violence” yet all he ever talks or writes about is further violating our civil [...]

Of Barbers and Bullets

A law-abiding gun owner who runs a barber shop recently shot and killed a robber in Philadelphia.  I there are a couple things worth noting because they depart markedly from the anti-gunners narrative about guns.
First, the shop owner had the gun on his person.  If he wasn’t carrying the gun, it seems unlikely that he would have been [...]

City of Philadelphia vs Freedom

Thne NRA and the City of Philadelphia are fighting in court over Philadelphia’s new (anti) gun laws.  Pennsylvania has a preemption law, which basically makes gun laws a state issue rather than a local issue.  There are plenty of people who support gun control who have said the city has no leg to stand on [...]

Gun Control is Dangerous to Women

I have always wondered why feminists support gun control.  Guns, after all, are the ultimate tool of the weak against the strong.  I was reminded of this when I recently came across some international crime data. 
Since their gun bans were enacted, the UK and Australia have seen an enormous jump in rapes.  Rape in the [...]

Gun Control….

Gun Control: a policy that says a criminal should control your family’s fate.

Gun Control….

Gun Control: a policy the says criminals should control all the guns.

A Lesson for the Mayor

A columnist responds to Mayor Nutter’s (predictable) call for more gun control following Officer McDonald’s recent murder.
Here’s a quick lesson in the law. If you’re a convicted felon, as Giddings was (and a very dangerous one at that), you can never legally buy a gun again. Never. That means that the weapon he used to [...]

The Antis Sometimes Tip Their Hand

Speaking of the real intentions of the anti-civil rights groups, Sebastian makes an interesting point on the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) tipping its hand.

Gun Violence Prevention Movement?

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control, Inc.) recently referred to his group as being part of the "gun violence prevention movement".  What a laughable assertion.

Their focus is and always has been on gun control not violence prevention.  If they were really interested in preventing gun violence then they would focus on [...]

Gun Control

“Gun control - the theory that 110 pound women have the “right” to fistfight with 210 pound rapists.”
No further comment required.

Gun Control Doesn’t Work…

just ask the English.  They saw a 400% increase in gun crimes after the 1998 gun ban.  Even better their government lied to them about it.

You’re Not a Criminal…Yet

Daniel Vice, an attorney for the Brady Campaign, recently had this to say about gun owners: "getting a concealed weapons permit just means you haven't committed a crime, yet."

Yeah, Dan, I guess a lawyer is just someone that hasn't been disbarred yet.

The Brady Campaign’s Surprise Admission

Here is a link to a  video of Wayne La Pierre (of the NRA) and Paul Helmke (of the Brady Campaign) on Hardball with Chris Matthews.  This would best be described as a resounding win for Wayne.  Hat tip to Ahab by way of Sebastian.

There is something rather substantial in the debate that I think [...]

More Heller Decision

I will admit that I was initially a bit disappointed as I read certain parts of the Heller decision.  I was certainly aware that SCOTUS was unlikely to sweep away other oppressive gun laws in one fell swoop.  So I was prepared for that.  What I was less prepared for was Justice Scalia's explicit discussion [...]

A Great Day for Freedom

That was my mother's comment about the recent Heller decision issued by the Supreme Court.  I couldn't agree more.  The ruling decisively establishes in law what ceased to be a serious debate among constitution scholars years ago: that the second amendment refers to an individual right, not a collective right.

The ruling strikes down Washington, DC's [...]

Gun Control’s Amazing Belief Structure

This is a great list demonstrating some of the fallacies and silliness of gun control.

Self-defeating Gun Arguments from the Media

The local wing media outlet, the Philadelphia Inquirer, has a long history of being anti-gun.  Their editorials and columnist are almost uniformly hostile to the civil rights of gun owners.  It's particularly enjoyable when their own news stories undercut their left wing arguments.  Today's Inqy includes an article on the rise in murders this year in Camden, [...]