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The Passing of History

Harry Patch, Britain’s last surviving WWI veteran, died at the ripe old age of 111.  Another story said there are no surviving French or German veterans and one remaining American WWI veteran (a mere 108 years old). 
It’s really amazing to think about everything Patch would have seen in his life.  A transition from horses to [...]

Nice Historical Trivia

In addition to being a Civil War general, a U.S. president and someone in my family tree, Ulysses Grant was apparently a president of the National Rifle Association.  I knew I liked him.

Just Plain Wrong

Obama was wrong on many things in tonight’s speech but there was one whopper that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  He said:
I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.
The trouble is we didn’t invent it.  I assume he is referring to Henry Ford.  But Henry Ford was simply [...]

Historical Poppycock

Many of our sophisticated betters on the left have been informing us in no uncertain terms that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst presidents ever.  On that point, I am calling “bullshit”!
It is no more possible to make that judgment about Pres. Bush now than it would have [...]

Facts You Will Not Learn in History Class

The following nuggets appear in Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies.

1.  From 1500 to 1800 more Europeans were captured and enslaved by Africans (the Barbary Pirates) than Africans were enslaved and sent to America.

2.  European slaves were being bought and sold in the Islamic world decades after slavery was abolished in the U.S.

3. Brazil imported [...]

Justice Stevens’ Unimpressive Dissent

Here are a couple priceless quotes from Justice Stevens' dissenting Heller opinion.

"The Court would have us believe that over 200 years ago, the Framers made a choice to limit the tools available to
elected officials wishing to regulate civilian uses of weapons…"

"There is no indication that the Framers of the [Second] Amendment intended to enshrine the [...]