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Self-defense Shooting in DE

Delaware is not a particularly gun friendly state, though much better than neighboring NJ, but a law abiding gun owner did manage to defend himself.  This is the second case recently where not only did a gun owner defend himself but he did so while carrying concealed.  In both cases being able to carry concealed was [...]

Of Barbers and Bullets

A law-abiding gun owner who runs a barber shop recently shot and killed a robber in Philadelphia.  I there are a couple things worth noting because they depart markedly from the anti-gunners narrative about guns.
First, the shop owner had the gun on his person.  If he wasn’t carrying the gun, it seems unlikely that he would have been [...]

Law-Abiding Gun Owner Defends Home

Via Sebastian, a law-abiding gun owner shot a burglar inside his house at 5:00 AM.  Being NJ, there is nothing to ensure the home owner, who is a law-abiding gun owner, won't be charged.  NJ…what a place.

I keep returning to something I have said many times before: any government that interferes with the right to self [...]