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Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address

I just read Lincoln’s Cooper Union Address for the first time.  Despite having studied history, I had never actually read it.  I think I have a good idea why it was omitted from the curriculum: it’s totally inconvenient to the left’s world view.  Lincoln lays out an ingenious case for why the Founders are not, [...]

Dictator Love

Woody Allen provides us with yet another example of what the left is really about (power and control).  Woody says Obama should “be a dictator for a few years because he could do a lot of good things quickly.”
That’s surprisingly similar to Thomas Friedman’s dreamy column about the awesomeness of one party rule in China. [...]

Musing on Recent News

I can’t help but note a few things that illustrate the sad state of the left…
George Bush can be interrupted giving a speech but His Majesty Obama shall not be interrupted.  We are not amused.
Obama accuses his opponents of lying (“It is a lie, plain and simple”) and that’s fine but Joe Wilson’s shout of [...]

Pretentious and Dumb - A Bad Combination

So I’m driving behind a car the other day that has an “Impeach Bush” sticker on the back window.  Whatever - they’re a dime a dozen in these parts.  Only this genius thought he was being slick now that Bush is out of office and modified it to read “Indite Bush”.  If you’re going to [...]

Debating Antis

There has been a fair amount of discussion in the blogosphere about debating anti-gunners lately. Newbie Shooter has chimed in with some suggestions to make it a little more fair for the antis (a noble gesture). No doubt they will ignore him since their position isn’t based on rational analysis but emotion and power.
I actually [...]

Leftwing Letters Pt 2

The Inqy went for a twofer yesterday and published two lunatic left letters.  I discussed the first here.  The second concerns the parody song “Barack the Magic Negro” that was included on a CD sent out by a Republican official.
The author said
I find it interesting that only two groups have used this word [Negro] in [...]

Leftwing Letters Pt 1

There was a letterin today’s Inqy that was sadly indicative of the current intellectual malaise on the left.  The author said that in inviting Warren to give the invocation, Obama gives
“an endorsement of his [Warren's] views and gives Warren’s antigay attitudes credence.”
The fact that Rick Warren is controversial is itself an example of the problems [...]

Projectile Lefties

After mulling over the recent incident in Iraq where a “journalist” hurled his shoes at Pres. Bush, I have a couple things to say.  First, as has been noted in places other than the leftwing media, it is an implicit recognition that the Bush administration’s policies have actually been quite succesful in the end.  If [...]

Palin’s Church Torched

Someone tried to burn down Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla.  Will this be investigated as a hate crime?  Of course not.  Conservative Christian victims?  That’s not hate that’s justified.

The Leftwing Hate Continues

Since the passage of Proposition 8 in California, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, there has been an outpouring of leftwing hate.  One of the primary targets has been the Mormon church.  A few examples:

A copy of the Book of Mormon was set on fire and left at a [...]

More “Tolerance”

Another high minded example of what the left means by tolerance: shut up and go home.

Tolerance, That One Way Street

A remarkably brave 8th grade girl performed an experiment recently.  She wore a pro-McCain shirt to her overwhelmingly pro-Obama school and took notes on what happened.  Then she did the reverse the next day with a pro-Obama shirt.
Not surprisingly the self-proclaimed tolerant lefties hurled all kinds of hate her way.  Some of the highlights included [...]

How About Some More Hate?

Writing on the passage of California Proposition 8, a consitutional amendment banning gay marriage, Mark Morford hurls the following insults:
Or maybe it’s all those sad, white, central portions of the state, the huge chunks of voters who live in places without much culture or perspective or major universities, who only hear certain strains of spiteful [...]

More Leftwing Hate

Here’s another recent example of leftwing hate (source).  Sen. Joe Lieberman had the audacity to hope for a president other than Obama.  For that, he is a rat? 
Isn’t the left always yammering about the importance of dissent?  As I’ve said, they love dissent so long as you don’t dissent from their views.  Their views, of [...]

Leftwing Hate

A tame example of leftwing hate:
Hope won out over fear, and Santorum’s view of the world has become obsolete.
Right.  Clearly if someone (Rick Santorum in this case) is convservative they must be an obsolete, knuckle dragging Neanderthal.

Leftwing Hate

From the letters in Sunday’s Inquirer:
So, after working hard to build a base of angry, intolerant listeners, Michael Smerconish is shocked - shocked! - that they react with hostility to his thoughtful and nuanced endorsement of Barack Obama. Gee, who’d’ve thunk it?
I’ve mentioned Smerconish previously.  It could not be more wrong to say he built [...]