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Creative Hit Job

The Inquirer did a charming hit job on its editorial page today.  I’ll give them a little credit for creativity since this one is a visual trick.  Here’s a screenshot and a link to the editorial.

That’s a picture of Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett next to a headline that says “Enabling prostitution”.  The editorial is [...]

No Double Standard Here…Move Along

When Rep. Kanjorski (D-PA) made his recent comments about how a program he was supporting wasn’t for “minorities” or “defectives”, my reaction was “queue the silence”.  Sure enough, there’s been a whole lot of nothing made of it.
So, I’m just going to make a simple observation.  Isn’t it amazing how you can say some remarkably [...]

Letter Published

I had a letter published in today’s Inquirer.  Amusingly, Mother Manifesto read the letter in the paper and said “yeah!  right on!” before she noticed it was from her son.
It’s amazing how the people who claim to hear the echo of Jim Crow in the tea parties fail to hear the rumble of Marxism on [...]

Tea Parties Invade Greece!

With all the demonstrations and political violence in Greece, I’m thinking the Tea Parties must have relocated.  The left, after all, is by definition calm, rational and non-violent and by default political violence only occurs on the right.  Got that?

No-Bid Contracts: Then and Now

Just a few short years ago we were told that no-bid contracts going to KBR were proof of corruption and cronyism in the White House.  What a difference a couple years makes!  I guess the current administration must used some of that magic transparency dust it has to make this crony-free.
That or there’s a double [...]

A Dangerously Selective Memory

Apropos of my previous post, I encountered this video review of some lefties during the Bush years.  The closing quote: “We’ll have to kill somebody I guess.”
But the media tells us it’s the Tea Parties that are scary and dangerous.  Riiiight.

Media Partisanship

The Inquirer, like most lefty newspapers, usually makes at least a feeble attempt to make its partisanship seem non-partisan.  Today, however, they didn’t cover their tracks very well.  They ran a front page story about how former Philadelphia Eagle Jon Runyan receives a tax break (an agricultural exemption) on part of his 20 acre property.
Several [...]

The CRU/Crappy Media Parallel

As I was writing the previous post on the craptastic legacy media, I realized there’s a remarkable parallel with the unfolding CRU hacked email scandal.  When true believers (leftwing journalists in one case vs climate researchers in the other) control the input (reporting vs climate data) and the “unbiased” check on quality (editors vs peer [...]

Legacy Media Strikes Again

The legacy media continues to not quite grasp the fact that they no longer have a monopoly on information.  Nicholas Kristof and the NY Times provide us with another shining example.  It’s an over the top story about a guy who lost his job and his insurance and has a potentially fatal health problem that [...]

Of Spies, Statesmen and (Incompetent) Sleuths

Wire magazine posted a brief piece to their website about a recent court ruling involving Valerie Plame.  Naturally the reporter summarized who she is and why we should know her.  Unfortunately he got it (predictably) wrong.
The piece says her identity was compromised when
Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby, leaked to syndicated [...]

Musing on Recent News

I can’t help but note a few things that illustrate the sad state of the left…
George Bush can be interrupted giving a speech but His Majesty Obama shall not be interrupted.  We are not amused.
Obama accuses his opponents of lying (“It is a lie, plain and simple”) and that’s fine but Joe Wilson’s shout of [...]

Lefty Friendly Fire

One of the things I find so irritating about the leftward lean of the media is that they refuse to admit it.  So I always enjoy friendly fire incidents where lefties admit the media is on their side. 
As it happens, one of my coworkers (a confirmed lefty) provided just such a moment recently.  We had [...]

Lies and Collusion

Not surprisingly, the health care legislation in congress has many things tucked into it that are of questionable relevance to health care reform.  Among the gems are “billions of dollars for walking paths, streetlights, jungle gyms, and even farmers’ markets….”
What’s particularly interesting is a comment defending these items by Ted Kennedy’s spokesman.  He said:
If improving [...]

Demanding Transparency

While I’m on the topic of newspapers and columnists, I’d like to propose an overdue change to the newspaper industry:  let’s make them use citations.  The status quo gives newspaper authors a fair amount of leeway in playing fast and loose with the facts or, probably more commonly, using dubious sources.  Here’s an example from [...]

No Impact on Prices?

There are times when news articles just leave me scratching my head.  It’s not that I don’t understand what they say.  It’s that I wonder sometimes whether columnists think through fully what they are writing.  Paul Krugman provided my most recent cranial massage.  He wrote:
But suppose that Congress were to mandate gradually tightening emission limits, [...]

The Green Revolution….Literally

So Carol Browner, former EPA Administrator for Pres. Clinton and incoming Envro-Czar for (almost) Pres. Obama, turns out to literally be a socialist.  No kidding.  Do you think this has been covered by the media other than Foxnews?  Uh….no. 
Maybe tossing around the phrase green revolution isn’t such a great idea.

Take the Bull by the Horns

Looking back on the soon-to-end Bush presidency, I think the single biggest mistake the president made was one of strategy rather than policy.  He correctly recognized that the media was biased and would not give him fair treatment.  It was a big strategic error, however, to not engage them at all. 
It is a given that [...]

Classic Hit Piece

There was a ridiculous piece about Sen. McCain misspeaking a number of times recently.  It is an ominous sounding story that claims to "raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age?"  Give me a break.  The article's motivation has nothing to do with age: it's politics.  This is just [...]