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The Self-Parodying Left

It’s amazing how if you just hand them a microphone, they’ll often take care of things for you.  Cue John Conyers…

Demanding Transparency

While I’m on the topic of newspapers and columnists, I’d like to propose an overdue change to the newspaper industry:  let’s make them use citations.  The status quo gives newspaper authors a fair amount of leeway in playing fast and loose with the facts or, probably more commonly, using dubious sources.  Here’s an example from [...]

No Impact on Prices?

There are times when news articles just leave me scratching my head.  It’s not that I don’t understand what they say.  It’s that I wonder sometimes whether columnists think through fully what they are writing.  Paul Krugman provided my most recent cranial massage.  He wrote:
But suppose that Congress were to mandate gradually tightening emission limits, [...]

Video on the Cause of the Financial Mess

Here is an interesting video detailing the causes of the financial mess.  Since the media isn’t willing to do it’s job, someone else had to do it for them.  Hat tip to Newbie Shooter.
A couple details I was unaware of:
1. The law firm Obama worked for sued banks if they were not making a sufficient number [...]

Muqtada Surrenders

Muqtada al Sadr recently announced that he was going to disarm his personal army and reorganize it as a social serviceS organization.  What a striking turn of events for the guy who not all that long ago was being described as the real power in Iraq, with the power to make or break the government.  [...]

Self-defeating Gun Arguments from the Media

The local wing media outlet, the Philadelphia Inquirer, has a long history of being anti-gun.  Their editorials and columnist are almost uniformly hostile to the civil rights of gun owners.  It's particularly enjoyable when their own news stories undercut their left wing arguments.  Today's Inqy includes an article on the rise in murders this year in Camden, [...]

1/2 Plus 2/3 Equals Total Hypocrisy

Let's be honest.  If the Republicans had decided to give some of the delegates to their convention only half a vote, the media and the cultural left would be all over them.  We'd be treated to references a-plenty to slaves being counted as 2/3 of a person and more.  It is particularly ironic given that [...]