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Ask Not For Whom The Nobel Tolls

Today’s WSJ correctly identified the motivations behind Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Yes, there’s an element of hope, change, peace and all that unattainable nonsense.  The real story is an end to American Exceptionalism.
What ideals are those [promoted by Obama]? Well, the Nobel citation declares that Mr. Obama’s “diplomacy is founded in the concept that those [...]

This is Sharia Law

This is what multiculturalist asshats like Rowan Williams what to make cultural room for.  That would be a young woman being held down and flogged in the streets of Pakistan in case you don’t have the stomach to watch. 
And this and this and this are also Sharia, in case anyone thinks it can’t happen here.

Dutch Labor Party Admits Multiculturalism is a Failure

In a very welcome sign, it looks like the Dutch Labor party is waking up to the dangers of multiculturalism.  The party chairperson, Lilianne Plouman, wrote:
“The mistake we can never repeat is stifling criticism of cultures and religions for reasons of tolerance.”
First, this is a remarkable admission of the failure of multiculturalism.  Second, and every [...]

End Multiculturalism

I happened across a fascinating piece called “The End of Multiculturalism”.  The author is definitely no conservative but has not hesitation in defending traditional American culture.  In fact he even asserts that it is better in many ways than other cultures.  It’s very refreshing. 
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Multiculturalism is not [...]