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A Rattling Thought

The WSJ had a piece recently that took about 24 hours for me to digest and understand the full significance of.  Mary O’Grady wrote about the creeping anti-semitism in South American courtesy of our pal Hugo Chavez.  I don’t want to downplay that aspect of it but it’s the broader picture that hit me in [...]

Our Lessons From Mumbai

The Wall Street Journal publishedtoday a detailed and harrowing account of the recent attacks in Mumbai.  It is fascinating, frightening and moving.
What jumped out at me is that if private citizens had guns the magnitude of the attack could have been greatly reduced.  The terrorists seem to have worked in two man teams rather than larger [...]

Obama Dangerous on Iran

As if we needed further proof that Obama’s foreign policy instincts are wrong, we have this.  An Iranian general admitted Iran is arming militant groups around the middle east.  That would be the same Iran that Obama dismissed as a little nation rather than a serious threat.

Decentralizing Control

An interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer recently argued for a decentralized approach to national security and the war on terror.  It drew a number of parallels with the natural world, discussing adaptation and semiautonomous organisms as problem solvers.  It was interesting, if tangential at times.
I wonder, though, whether the authors or the editors at [...]