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As the Dems Convene…

The Democrats have kicked off their convention in the otherwise lovely city of Charlotte, NC to defend a failed presidency and try to convince people that more progressive policies are just what we need.
In related news:

The national debt has hit $16 trillion.
A federal judge has ordered tax payers to fund an inmate’s sex change operation.
A [...]

We Need Big Government?

Donna Brazile has a thoroughly inane piece over at CNN where she says the BP oil spill fiasco proves we need big government.
Of course, she never actually says what authority or resource the government lacked that would either have prevented the mile-deep blown well or allowed it to react better.  Is it her contention that [...]

We Were Right

Just weeks after ObamaCare has been signed into law we’re already starting to hear that the bill is going to raise the cost of healthcare.  So it turns out the majority of Americans who were called reactionaries, racists, liars, homophobes, stupid, uneducated, violent and seditious for opposing it were, in fact, right.
Will the luminaries on [...]

Did the Dems Screw Up on the Healthcare Bill?

I heard an interesting interview this morning with PA Attorney General Tom Corbett.  He discussed something called a Severability Clause.  Apparently severability clauses are typically included in legislation to allow one part of a bill to be thrown out in court without impacting the rest of the legislation.  In other words without a severability clause [...]

Choo Choo!

Now boarding on track 1600, the Fiscal Train Wreck Express, making stops in Kickback Nebraska, Purchased Louisiana and a town near you!  Amenities include IRS audits, statist coverage mandates, a crushing tax burden and fiscal instability.  Ladies and gentlemen, please note a schedule change: this train will not be stopping at Freedom Junction.  All aboard!

Ask Not For Whom The Nobel Tolls

Today’s WSJ correctly identified the motivations behind Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  Yes, there’s an element of hope, change, peace and all that unattainable nonsense.  The real story is an end to American Exceptionalism.
What ideals are those [promoted by Obama]? Well, the Nobel citation declares that Mr. Obama’s “diplomacy is founded in the concept that those [...]

Obama’s Foreign Policy in Nine Words

Undercut our friends.  Embolden our enemies.  Diminish our country.
Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy

Am I the Only One?

Is it me or is the Obamaphilic left more willing to trust in the benevolent intentions of the likes of Iran, Russia and Venezuela than in American businesses.

A Sick Joke II

Right of the heals of a previous post about disturbing priorities at the Justice Department, we get the shocking (NOT) news that Bill Richardson will not be indicted after a year long investigation of pay to play allegations.  The money quote:
“It’s over. There’s nothing. It was killed in Washington”
Justice well-served yet again.   How long until [...]

A Sick Joke

How else can you describe it when Obama’s Attorney General is more interested in prosecuting CIA operatives for saying mean things to terrorists than in following through on an already-won voter intimidation conviction of several club-wielding Black Panthers?
PowerLineBlog, by the way, walks through the CIA report in detail.  Blowing cigar smoke in a killer’s face!?  [...]

Letter to the Editor

I submitted the following letter to the editor, which appears not to be under consideration (maybe I shouldn’t have taunted them for being in bankruptcy…nah).  It is in response to this editorial.
The Inquirer recently editorialized that a public healthcare option would be able to charge lower premiums because it would not be “profit-driven”.  Setting aside the [...]

Better Than No Health Care?

I recently posted the following response to someone on a social networking site who said about government run health care that it was better than no health care at all.  It ends rather abruptly because of a character limit.
But of course government health care IS no health care if you develop a potentially fatal condition [...]

Spin, Spin, Spin

One of the patterns we are seeing out of the Obama administration is a tendency to spin a policy one way while the actual policy contradicts the headlines.  The we-won’t-torture except-when-we-feel-it executive order being a good example.
Now the headlines trumpet that Obama is going to withdraw from Iraq.  But if you read the details a [...]

Just Plain Wrong

Obama was wrong on many things in tonight’s speech but there was one whopper that stood head and shoulders above the rest.  He said:
I believe the nation that invented the automobile cannot walk away from it.
The trouble is we didn’t invent it.  I assume he is referring to Henry Ford.  But Henry Ford was simply [...]

Quick Impressions on Obama’s Speach

Naive on foreign policy
Wrong on economics
Wrong on history
Wrong on fiscal policy
No doubt the media and other lefties will love it.

Brother, Can You Spare $55,556?

In my ongoing attempt to seriously depress every person out there who loves freedom and prosperity, here is the updated tab for all of your money the government is pissing away.  The CBO has estimated that the real cost of the stimulus plan is closer to $3.2 trillion. 
That’s because nobody believes that the money that’s [...]

Break Out Your Checkbook

The tab we’re running up for all this government intervention is adding up.  What a surprise. 

There’s $800 Billion for TARP (to the everlasting shame of former Pres. Bush). 
There’s Spendulus Stimulus Plan will probably be in the $900 Billion range. 
There’s the new plan from our tax-cheating Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, who pledged “$1 trillion [...]

Such Ethics

The Obama presidency is not off to a great start for ethics and honesty.

Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, only paid the back taxes he owed for years after he was nominated. 
Tom Daschle, HHS nominee, also owed back taxes.  He’s expected to be confirmed.
There’s the “we won’t torture detainees” executive order with the fine print that basically [...]

They Had a What?

It seems the Obamas are bringing their private chef to the White House.  That’s right, private chef.  So, we’re getting lectured at about social justice and economic fairness by someone with a private chef?  Could you be a more stereotypical disconnected-from-real-America elitist progressive?  It’s no wonder Ted Kennedy likes Obama.
Do you think Sarah Palin ever [...]

Obama Misleads, Media Helps

I missed an interesting detail in the previous discussion of the Left’s version of the Geneva Convention.  Pres. Obama’s executive order on interrogations contains a big loophole.  It creates a task force whose purpose is:
to study and evaluate whether the interrogation practices and techniques in Army Field Manual 2 22.3, when employed by departments or [...]