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A Preening Twit Award - Imagine That

Congratulations to Susan McClaren, of Phoenixville, our latest Preening Twit Award winner for this example of leftwing mental puffery.
Imagine what it would be like to be able to see a doctor when one is not feeling well; not to fear care because of cost; and not to be funneled into the overburdened emergency room just [...]

Fall On Your Sword For The President

A story on opened with this:
The White House called for a “simple up-or-down” vote on health care legislation Sunday as Speaker Nancy Pelosi appealed to House Democrats to get behind President Barack Obama’s chief domestic priority even it if threatens their political careers.
There’s only one thing to say to that:
Ave, Obama, morituri te salutamus!

1/2 Plus 2/3 Equals Total Hypocrisy

Let's be honest.  If the Republicans had decided to give some of the delegates to their convention only half a vote, the media and the cultural left would be all over them.  We'd be treated to references a-plenty to slaves being counted as 2/3 of a person and more.  It is particularly ironic given that [...]