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Fine Quote

Free world leaders are elephants being pushed around by mice and rats. Dictators don’t play by the rules and exploit those who do.
Garry Kasparov

Acting Stupidly

That the president should have said northing at all about the arrest of Henry Lewis Gates, Jr is pretty clear.  But having decided to weigh in on it, his choice of words was instructive.  He said Cambridge police “acted stupidly”. 
Notice he didn’t say they acted rashly or even unlawfully.  Neither would be true but at [...]

Two Good Points

Two excellent points were made this morning on Bill Bennett’s radio show.  I am paraphrasing.

Obama’s plan for dealing with thuggish dictatorships like Iran and North Korea appeared to be that he would just say nice things and they would succumb to his personal charm.  That doesn’t appear to be happening and there does not seem [...]