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Pension and Entitlement Obligations: Will The Left Notice?

There are interesting rumblings in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.  You might almost think the left was getting ready to admit there’s a problem….naaah.  That’s not going to happen.
States were $1.38 trillion short of having enough to pay their public-employee retirement bills in 2010, the last year for which totals are available for all 50 states, according [...]

The Cruelty of Welfare

Progressives like to think they are kind and humane for wanting to expand the welfare state.  I say they are cruel.
Think about the working life of a typical person.  When a person first enters the workforce, his experience, skills and not surprisingly his earnings are the lowest they will ever be.  But over time, as [...]

Bad and Badder

The opposite of Democrat is not Republican.  But opposing the Democrats often requires supporting the Republicans.
Yes, the Republicans suck but at least there’s a strong limited-government contingent. Even if it fails to live up to its own standards, the Republican party at least acknowledges that government should be limited in its scope.  And need I [...]

The HHS Rule Compromise

Obama has offered a “compromise” on the recent HHS decision to require church-affiliated institutions to include contraception.  The “compromise” is that the church-affiliated institutions won’t have to pay for the coverage.  The insurers will have to provide the coverage for free to the subscribers.
Normally, I’d say this “compromise” is pure politics.  Given the bipartisan attacks [...]

So Tolerant and Open-Minded

I had an exchange online with an old friend and a few people he knows.  I am posting the text of it, anonymized with a couple minor edits, because the debate and what happened after is such a great snapshot of the left.
Old Friend:
Westerners are not taught that the hoarding of wealth is an act [...]

Stupid Government Tricks

It seems the geniuses in Philly’s city council plus Mayor Nutter have decided a really good way to make Philly more competitive is to make it more expensive to hire people.  They have decided to prohibit companies from asking about an applicant’s criminal history until after their first interview. The only exception is for law [...]

Progressivism Inevitable Failure

A government, like a family or a corporation, can support some number of economically unviable undertakings.  But at some point, no matter how pleasurable or good intentioned they are, piling on too many economically unviable endeavors threatens those that are viable.  The problem with Progressivism is that it cannot, even in theory, limit itself to [...]

Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Fail

If it passes, Obama’s so-called jobs plan has no chance of working.  He seems to think businesses and consumers are going to make long term hiring and spending commitments based on short term incentives.
If you run a business and reach the very reasonable conclusion that the tax and regulatory climate is going to be ugly [...]

You Don’t Say…

“There’s this kind of stereotype or myth that the deep blue states are more economically restrictive but more personally free. But the data doesn’t actually bear that out . . . Liberals tend to want to constrain your freedom in all areas.” [Emphasis added.]
William Ruger, co-author of Freedom in the 50 States study, as quoted [...]

Of Slime and Logic Models

It’s no secret that I find the left to be a pretty disreputable bunch.  I don’t have a fancy for people who want to take my liberty away and administer my life for me.  I find their condescending we’re-so-much-smarter-than-you attitude particularly loathsome.  Perhaps that’s why I so thoroughly enjoy it when they put on display [...]

Progressive Accomplishments

Speaking of lefties on the offensive, Prof. Bernstein lists a number of progressive “accomplishments” over the last century.
alcohol prohibition; coercive eugenics (upheld in an appallingly insensitive opinion by Progressive hero O.W. Holmes); residential segregation by race …bans on private schools…judicial recall elections; and restrictions on women’s participation in the labor market…immigration restrictions….segregation in federal workplaces.
But, [...]