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Progressivism Inevitable Failure

A government, like a family or a corporation, can support some number of economically unviable undertakings.  But at some point, no matter how pleasurable or good intentioned they are, piling on too many economically unviable endeavors threatens those that are viable.  The problem with Progressivism is that it cannot, even in theory, limit itself to [...]

The Importance of Growth

One thing that’s abundantly clear is that the left does not value economic growth.  The younger lefties, particularly, don’t seem to comprehend that their high standard of living today is the result of growth and can only be sustained with continued growth.  They fail to understand that many of the things they take for granted [...]

Volume vs Logic On Gay Marriage

It seems to me that one of the big mistakes that supporters of gay marriage make is that they begin with the assumption that gay marriage and traditional marriage are equivalent and interchangeable.  In other words, they simply begin with a civil rights argument without ever establishing its applicability.  And I actually agree, if gay [...]

Voting Democrat Makes You Unhappy

Not really, of course.  This is a case of correlation not causation but there is a very clear pattern to state-by-state happiness data published recently in Science.  The Wall Street Journal published a summary (here is their chart).  The happiest states overwhelmingly voted for McCain in the 2008 election and the least happy states unanimously [...]

Islam…Just Like Other Religions

One of the Inqy’s resident apologists for all things inexcusable published a post-Fort Hood column attempting to portray a softer side of Islam.  In it, the God of Islam is described as one of love and peace, no different from our God.
That’s right, Islam, which translates as “submission”, is just like other religions.  The news [...]

When Is It Reasonable?

At what point does it become reasonable to describe the left as adhering to an ideology that is not supportive of freedom?  I think the time has long since passed but it is difficult to press the case without sounding like a bit of a lunatic.
A couple reminders of this crossed my screen recently.  First [...]

A Fine Point

One of the most dangerous delusions of the Left is the idea that we might be able to create a civilization that has no enemies. Civilization always has its enemies.  -Unknown Author
The left just never seems to grasp the idea that we have enemies not because of George Bush or because of alleged past wrongs [...]

Pretentious and Dumb - A Bad Combination

So I’m driving behind a car the other day that has an “Impeach Bush” sticker on the back window.  Whatever - they’re a dime a dozen in these parts.  Only this genius thought he was being slick now that Bush is out of office and modified it to read “Indite Bush”.  If you’re going to [...]

The Self-Parodying Left

It’s amazing how if you just hand them a microphone, they’ll often take care of things for you.  Cue John Conyers…

The Left’s Preferred People List

In thinking about some of the debates I’ve had with leftists, I began to recognize the left doesn’t simply have favored special interest groups that are on equal footing with each other.  There is actually a very clear hierarchy of groups worthy of deference and positive consideration in the leftwing worldview. 
Interestingly, groups lower on the [...]

Acting Stupidly

That the president should have said northing at all about the arrest of Henry Lewis Gates, Jr is pretty clear.  But having decided to weigh in on it, his choice of words was instructive.  He said Cambridge police “acted stupidly”. 
Notice he didn’t say they acted rashly or even unlawfully.  Neither would be true but at [...]

White House Refuses to Release Photos

The oh-so ethical and transparent Obama administration is refusing to release the photos from the recent Air Force One fly-by of Manhattan.  Funny, the White House has no problems releasing photos of flag-draped coffins coming back from Iraq.  It also has no problems locating and releasing years-old photos of prisoner “abuse”.
The spokesman Robert Gibbs even had the [...]

Naive, Dumb or Ideologically Anti-American?

I try to limit my criticisms of the left to the issues.  I don’t like to make personal attacks on them, even though they do not return the courtesy (who knew, for example, that Pat Toomey and John Boehner are troglodytes).  Despite my general rule there are times when I have to wonder about the [...]

Defend That, Lefties

I will never understand the left’s belief that the UN is this hallowed place, gifted with special legitimacy in the world.  It doesn’t represent the people of the word in any way.  It represents the governments of the world, regardless of how repressive and repulsive they are. 
I’d like to hear the UN lovers comment on [...]

Brother, Can You Spare $55,556?

In my ongoing attempt to seriously depress every person out there who loves freedom and prosperity, here is the updated tab for all of your money the government is pissing away.  The CBO has estimated that the real cost of the stimulus plan is closer to $3.2 trillion. 
That’s because nobody believes that the money that’s [...]

Hillary’s Surprise?

Some people seem surprised at Hillary Clinton’s remark that human rights would not interfere with other issues in U.S.-China relations.  I’m afraid I fail to see why they are surprised.  This is classic “Realist” thinking, which the left has signed on to over the last half decade.
If they have been making “Realist” arguments about Iraq, [...]

Disagreement vs Intolerance

Disagreement is rational and can be engaged with dialog and debate.  Intolerance is not rational and tends to shut down debate.  Unfortunately the left all too often seeks to counter disagreement with intolerance. 
The patter is clear:
Make coherent arguments against gay marriage, get labelled antigay.
Make coherent arguments on racial issues, get labelled a racist.
Make coherent arguments [...]

A Challenge to Civilization

Bret Stephens poses an excellent challenge to the left in today’s Wall Street Journal.  If Andres Serrano should be defended for Piss Christ and Salman Rushie should be defended for Satanic Verses then why shouldn’t Geert Wilders be defended for Fitna?  Stephens correctly recognizes this for the civilizational challenge that it is.
Instead of benefitting from [...]

Another Philly Cop Murdered

Yet another Philly cop was shot and killed on Friday night.  We’ll soon be treated to more calls for gun control by people who want more government control of pretty much everything.  They’ll try to argue that if we just restrict the rights of legal owners, then fewer guns will flow through the black market [...]

Break Out Your Checkbook

The tab we’re running up for all this government intervention is adding up.  What a surprise. 

There’s $800 Billion for TARP (to the everlasting shame of former Pres. Bush). 
There’s Spendulus Stimulus Plan will probably be in the $900 Billion range. 
There’s the new plan from our tax-cheating Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, who pledged “$1 trillion [...]