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“Unacceptable” Free Speech

This gem was tucked away deep within the bowels of the Inquirer today.  To summarize, the U.N. Human Rights Council has passed a resolution calling for countries around the world to prohibit criticism of religion, particularly Islam.  This is a direct, frontal assault on human rights, modernity and western civilization.  When will our so-called great thinkers and [...]

Defend That, Lefties

I will never understand the left’s belief that the UN is this hallowed place, gifted with special legitimacy in the world.  It doesn’t represent the people of the word in any way.  It represents the governments of the world, regardless of how repressive and repulsive they are. 
I’d like to hear the UN lovers comment on [...]

Howard Nemerov’s Brillant Observation

Howard Nemerov recently made devastating use of the UN’s own gun data against the UN’s antigun arguments.  He broke countries into quartiles based on firearms ownership per capita.  He then compared per capita firearms ownership to their homicide rate. 
The results are best demonstrated in a table and it wouldn’t be right for me to lift [...]

UN Human Rights Fluff

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, wrote a fluff piece today about the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  It could be summed up as: there are still a lot of human rights violations out there and, yea for me, I care.
She’s a committed [...]


I was reminded recently of the U.N.’s efforts to violate our gun rights.  From a U.N. report on small arms:
The principle of self-defense has an important place in international human rights law, but does not provide an independent, supervening right to small arms possession, nor does it ameliorate the duty of States to use due [...]