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The Left Proven Wrong - Again

Apparently, before he was sent to a watery grave, Osama bin Laden complained that Al Qaeda had an image problem: it didn’t appear religious enough.  So, Bin Laden proposed renaming Al Qaeda to “Restoration of the Caliphate Group.”
This is buried in the middle of an AP piece but it is, I think, quite significant.  The [...]

Taliban Says U.S. Offer “Lunatic”

Obama is trying to offer “honorable reconciliation” to the Taliban.  The Taliban think that’s a pretty goofy idea.  I hate to say it but I agree with the Taliban.  The problem is that our current president, and too many of his fellow travelers on the left, simply misunderstand the world.
They seem to think we have [...]

Obama Misleads, Media Helps

I missed an interesting detail in the previous discussion of the Left’s version of the Geneva Convention.  Pres. Obama’s executive order on interrogations contains a big loophole.  It creates a task force whose purpose is:
to study and evaluate whether the interrogation practices and techniques in Army Field Manual 2 22.3, when employed by departments or [...]

The Left’s Version of the Geneva Convention

With Obama in office and the executive orders on Gitmo and terrorist interrogations out, we are hearing a more about Geneva Convention Common Article 3.  So I thought I’d take a look for myself.  I must say, it’s a rather unrewarding read.
Article 3 - defines acts that are cannot be done to noncombatants in “armed [...]

Decentralizing Control

An interesting article in the Philadelphia Inquirer recently argued for a decentralized approach to national security and the war on terror.  It drew a number of parallels with the natural world, discussing adaptation and semiautonomous organisms as problem solvers.  It was interesting, if tangential at times.
I wonder, though, whether the authors or the editors at [...]